Hello, I'm Mike.

About me

That's me, circa about 1994. I think that's Windows 3.1 on the monitor. I still work for the same company (State Farm Insurance), but we don't wear ties anymore. On the left side of the keyboard is a Wacom digitizer - we were doing pen computing back then. (Anybody remember PenPoint?)

Since then, I've worked with all kinds of technologies in my job as a Systems Analyst at State Farm - Smalltalk, COM, .Net, XML, and Java. Most recently, I have focused on test automation framework and testing tools.

A somewhat dated picture of me with my sons is included below. They are now teenagers.

I'm originally from Wisconsin - here's my hometown newspaper. Went to school at Marquette University ... and the University of Illinois. At the U of I, my advisor was Ralph Johnson, who is widely known throughout the O-O software community

For a couple of years in the early '90s, I worked for a company called Vista Technologies, Inc. A while after I left, they merged with Peritus, which went public in 1997. And now some of the people who worked there work at Lisle Technology Partners.

After a long layoff (9 years), I started running again in 1999 and have pretty much kept at it since then, except for periods when I was injured. I completed a half-marathon in September of 2000 and a second in April of 2002, but have pretty much given up on the possibility of doing a marathon ...

We are members of Wesley United Method Church in Bloomington, IL.